Second Nature


Is it enough to remain still?
And still remain,
At the same lonely outpost
Waiting to forget your past?

Letters arrive that remind you –

But you are moving on.
You are gone.


I don’t exist
For a moment,
Then I do.

Neither origin nor end –
Always the same mistake

My second nature tells me to wait
But the waiting is unbearable.

I walk forward
Past beginnings and endings
Toward new futures and horizons

I don’t exist
For a moment,
Then I do.

Always the same mistake

That’s All You Know

I’m all alone.  

Not really,

But it feels that way, sometimes


I just wish I had somebody to talk to –


Maybe you,

Maybe you


At the outer limits

The edge of nowhere

You turned around,

Just visiting,

And asked for a light


A flamethrower

It didn’t work

So we set out

To find our way home

And paused at something

Much bigger than us


Underneath it all, I’m the same person I always was – just a little more terrified that someday never comes, and I’ll be stuck here, waiting – waiting – for God knows what to take its place.


You were

A perfect flaw


A perfect mistake

In an otherwise perfect world


I loved you for that

I did it over and over

To prove

That it couldn’t be wrong


And when I realized

It was wrong

I died


Right here on the page, next to your name


I hope

We find a way out


Forever and ever


Take your last breath –

That’s all you know