I grew up too fast.

Now I wish I could go back

To the beginning.


To flame up with a brief, wavering light,

to burst into intense, sudden flame -

an expanding -

or opening outward,

to burn with an unsteady, swaying flame.

To spread gradually outward,

something that spreads,


Song – of one burning location

Song – of never leaving

Song – of always lonely

Song – of being below average

Song – of finding out you’re an unfit mother

Song – of other, smaller tragedies

Song – of anyways

Look Again

Game, Gravy

Spider Vein   


Me, I’m Always Looking

Out for Potholes

In My Lawn


But It’s Not The Same

Without You There

To Find The Buried Treasure


Where?  I Don’t See It,

Now I Do –

So, That’s Where You’ve Been Hiding

My Medication




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