As Big as the Sky

There is nothing as big as the sky.
And beyond that, space –

I park at Best Buy.

They would be perfect, so perfect
For my vehicle – a company that sells itself.

Trees lift themselves into the clouds.
Cars roll by.

Who is sounding the drum?
Just one of us –
He will be quiet, soon.

I’ve been out here for three weeks, now.
The door is always shut.
A company that runs itself runs on fumes.

I’m withering.
These are the heights of loneliness.
They will be quiet soon, but the drum keeps beating –
A memory of a time before time, and a time after that –

Second Nature


Is it enough to remain still?
And still remain,
At the same lonely outpost
Waiting to forget your past?

Letters arrive that remind you –

But you are moving on.
You are gone.


I don’t exist
For a moment,
Then I do.

Neither origin nor end –
Always the same mistake

My second nature tells me to wait
But the waiting is unbearable.

I walk forward
Past beginnings and endings
Toward new futures and horizons

I don’t exist
For a moment,
Then I do.

Always the same mistake


Is it unusual not to care about the future?
Plodding along with your shovel,

Hacking and hacking,
Not caring if you do a good job,
If someone slips in front of your house
Because you did a careless job

Or if you slip,
And lying on your back,
Looking up at the stars,
Don’t care?